Wednesday, April 4, 2007

That strange Tuesday feeling...

Last night was the first show of another 8 show week, and for some
reason I felt weird. This isn't the first Tuesday that I've felt this

Last week, I had this strange feeling that I had
forgotten something. Mild paranoia set in, and thus I did a quick body
check to make sure that I had all my accoutrements: underpinnings,
garters for my stockings, microphone, costumes, my wig and my hat...
well, everything seemed in place, but I still felt weird, so I went
through the lyrics of my track to make sure I still had everything in
my head. The show came and went, and it was fine.

So, on to this
week. No, I didn't have that "I forgot something" feeling, but rather a
disconnect from my job. Just before curtain call, I asked a couple of
other actors if they felt as strange as I did, and they said yes, that
it was hard to start up on Tuesday after a day off, but that things get
revved up and going by Wednesday night. At the end of the evening, I
stood in front of my mirror in my normal clothes ready to head home,
and asked myself, "did I just do the show? I kind of don't feel like I
did." I guess it can best be described as having an out of body

I was never really aware of this before, but there
you go. Perhaps it's just one of those things. So, what will next
Tuesday bring?


dianneLouise ♥ said...

What's with Tuesday?
well, goodluck on the next tuesdays.
i hope it would be nice unlike these past tuesdays you had =)

jon joven said...

you know... i kinda know what you saying, but I will feel weird-er if mine is different hahahahha. I find myself blabbing with this person then all of a sudden I would stop and catch myself talking and no recollection as if I was more of "the listener" than the speaker.. you know what I mean...same goes while doing a show..of course not at all times but there are times where i would say...was that it...I just did the show.......right??? jeez!!! Good day Leah! Regards to the family and Tita Ligaya! Happy Easter (advance)

Jenny M said...

just a question... are your plays video recorded? you know, for some who could just afford to buy a DVD or something cuz i've been wanting to see miss saigon but i don't know where to find a copy. are there anything available (in the philippines)?

Kat Centeno said...

i guess that's kinda like monday blues for us mere mortals. =)

Lloyd de Leon said...

aha! should i advise friends who are planning to watch lemiz not to get tuesday tickets because you guys aren't in your 100%? lol.

btw, will you be working this friday? take this time off if you can. we shouldn't be working on this day.

Lana Chun said...

That's weird, Lea! I had a very strange Tuesday as well. Weird happenings went on at work, and everything really didn't seem in order, and I wasn't as "on" it as I would have liked. Anyway, despite this strange Tuesday feeling, your show was probably fabulous like always!

Anne Shirley said...

Hmmm, I guess it's different for everyone, like people going back to work on a Monday don't like Mondays after a weekend's rest (as said by one of the previous comments). I've always liked Tuesday because it's a day when I feel I can be lazy -- I even named one of the plants in my room Tuesday!

Mich M.D. said...

I feel that way everyday I go to work at the hospital with a little bit of I-don't-want-to-be-here feeling on the side. At home, I'm alive again. Hope the rest of your week goes better than it did yesterday. =D

XXXX YYYY said...

I like the new background colors... :)

Tin Yang said...

it happens to me all the timeeee =( maybe you're thinking too much or unconsciously you're thinking about something then you feel that you forgot something important...I sometimes go back to my room whenever I go to school after stepping out the door. I also experience uhh-what-am-i-doing-here moments. sad. =( oh well, we'll get through this hehe :D hello lea.

If tears could make girls pretty then I would be gorgeous

Mark & Flor Ingco said...

Hi Lea! My husband and I were there last night! We were in front (seats E107 and E108) and we didn't notice anything wrong at all. In fact, you were perfect! We loved your performance! Once again, you made us, Filipinos, proud!

We wanted to see you after the show, just to have some pics taken together and have our playbill signed, but we didn't know how or where you are. So we just left. Still feeling very good.

Anyways, good luck on the rest of your run!

Yannah & Ethan Redondo said...

I guess that's normal. For others, who observe 'normal' working hours, it's called the "Monday morning" feeling.

Urane laderas-cabantog said...

hhmmm.... new background....(^-^)
its normal... see, there's so many people experience the same way as you are..
maybe it will make a better performance, unconciously...

Chino Hernandez said...

Hello Ms. Lea,

Sometimes I feel the same way too when I go on stage. My advise, close your eyes and say a little prayer... and everything will be in place after that.

I will pray for you and your family. Wish you all the best Ms. Lea, take care.

Jade Angeles-Padero said...

I watched the show on a tuesday but the show was still perfect =)

tin samson said...

I'll be sure not to watch on a Tuesday. Hehe, joke lang!

G'luck with the following Tuesdays! :)

arkitekfhc . said...

Lea, that's normal. Happens to me too.
You're just being overly just want everything to be perfect.

purpletoes CG said...

I feel this way almost everyday : ) Good luck on the coming Tuesdays.

boyet sison said...

Hi Lea, my relatives caught your performance and they were ecstatic !!! i know the feeling you went thru...i go thru the same thing at times here in Manila, because we do a show on ANC from Mon to Fri...hope the family is well...advance Happy Easter !

John Barrowman said...

Congratulations for the maturity and excellence you bring in this new season of Les Miz. I just found out about this blog and am only able to use my friend's account to send my two cent's worth.

As the routine of any form of work sets in, one would choose to find innovative ways of keeping one's passion aflame. A small change in the normal sequence of things can greatly counter such incomprehensible feeling of 'mild paranoia'. It doesn't have to be a grandiose event that can make things better, maybe a cheesecake from Junior's or a take out dinner from Sardi's and sharing it with an unsuspecting bit player would do wonders. I can only imagine most of the actors longing to have that personal time with you since the beginning of your shows.

Forgive me for being so bold as to give suggestions. I have admired the way God has strategically uplifted you for His purpose and the way you have yielded to what I believe to be His plan. I sometime smile to myself and think that with the way we have seen you grow up with us to become the intelligent successful family-woman you are today.

In any case, do know that some of us do feel for you when you extend your service even after the shows have ended. People like us can be so insensitive as to require more of you, forgetting that you have just tiringly finished a show. Do know that it's the fan mentality in us that drives us to take that small speck of opportunity of sharing a spot with someone we hold in high esteem. Such chances may never come again. Every time you come out of that gate, there are those who see you as the perfect personification of the words servanthood and servitude as you reach out to those who find solace in your pen and poses.

Every night, you bring to every pair of Filipino eyes in the audience that success awaits every Filipino who works for it. You bring not only hope nor inspiration to these people but the satisfaction of knowing that there lies a woman who raises the bar for the world to reach and that she is comes from the Philippines. For that, may God richly reward you and your family a thousandfold.

Be strong dear heroine. For we at the sidelines will await the next flash of greatness God has in line for you. In His time, we remain

Crom -NYC High School Teacher

Ronald Canete said...

I also have this weird feeling whenever August 24 comes to my mind. I feel like there is something so important on that day, which I really don't know! So weird, and I already fear that I'm going insane. That weird feeling perfectly disturbs me a lot!