Wednesday, October 25, 2006

October 24, 2006 - To market, to market...

I've taken Nic to the grocery before, but this was the first time she reacted to the wares in the way she did.  Because of the colorful displays of canned goods and detergent, tetra-packs of milk and juice, junk food and even diapers, she was in visual stimulation heaven!  Her arms and legs were flapping excitedly in front of me (I carried her facing front in her Baby Bjorn)... with every aisle we visited came new opportunities for her to feast her eyes... the strong hues of blue, red and yellow everywhere she went.  I think the trip was exhausting; she fell asleep by the time we got to the checkout line (I changed her orientation to let her rest her head on my chest, pacifier firmly entrenched in her mouth).

So I get a little baby drool on me.  Who cares?

Everyday, there's something new.  Now we can make her laugh with more consistency... now she rolls over with the greatest of ease... she's much more interactive than she ever was.  Her ninang Steffi was here to babysit her, and they had the best peek-a-boo play time... the yaya is in a constant state of giggle... her daddy is in love... and her mommy?  A combination of everything.

I look at her, and still cannot believe that I've given birth to this perfect little creature.  She is my greatest blessing... she's changed my life in ways I never thought possible... my tears are far more shallow... my joys more simple... my outlook in life less self-centered.  Love takes on a whole different meaning now that she's here.

Since she was born I promised myself to live my life in a way that would be positively influential to her... to ask for forgiveness, and to forgive... to hold on to what's important and let go of excess baggage... to realize what my blessings are and to give importance to them... to appreciate each and every opportunity to make another person happy... to choose to do what I love for a living... to practice kindness and understanding as much as I can. 

My life as of late has just been one huge blessing... every moment a gift... every friend a treasure... every second a prize I would never refuse... every note I sing an opportunity to glorify and thank God for my life as it is... every word exchanged, glance shot, touch received, embrace shared, hand held, "I love you" uttered... none of it is ever taken for granted.  No part of my life can be considered disposable... each aspect is way too important now. 

It's amazing what having a child can do.

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