Tuesday, October 17, 2006

October 16, 2006 - Hazy shade of winter

Greetings from Singapore!!! 

I'm here for a brief workday, a recording session for a December gig.  It has been an incredibly hazy day, presumably from the fires in Indonesia.  The wind must have blown a lot of the smoke this way, which is making my husband's sinuses go haywire (the poor guy's now in bed after taking a decongestant and antihistamine).  I was worried that I might be affected, which is not a good thing when I have to sing, but thankfully, I was as fit as a fiddle.  Maybe growing up in and being used to a polluted third world country has toughened up my immune system.  If that's the case, may I pass that immunity down to my Nicole.


Anyhoo... I have yet to have a bad meal in this little city.  For lunch we asked to have bought for us some dry wanton mee (think wanton noodle soup, without the soup).  The recording engineer was eating it when we got to the studio.  He made it look incredibly delicious, so we ordered it.  And it was!  The wantons... the slices of char siu... the noodles... the chili and soy sauces mixed together... it made for a really satisfying lunch, my reward for after my singing was done.  Forkful after yummy forkful, bite after delicious bite, I was happy.  My close friends know my near-orgasmic reactions to food... guys, today was no exception (but I kept myself in check... I had to remain professional after all!).  After the session, we checked in at our hotel, then it was off to United Square for a little shopping (bought a co-sleeper bassinet from a baby store, and antihistamine for Rob).  We also had ourselves a snack: a char siu bao for me, a chicken bao for Rob, and one siumai each.  Sarap!

It's now past 11 PM... Rob's knocked out while I'm surfing the net... I can't wait to get home tomorrow, I need to hug my baby girl.  You have a brand new crib to try out when we get home, my love!  Hope you like it!

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P Tan said...

Hey Lea, I'm from Singapore! Only recently discovered your work, but am already a fan. I especially love your portrayal of Eponine from the 10th anniversary concert! It was very cool to know that a fellow Southeast Asian did so well in such a major Broadway role.

Yea, our food is good, isn't it? :) Growing up here, one gets really spoilt for choice when it comes to rich foods. The haze can get annoying, but thankfully it's much better now than it used to be.