Monday, November 5, 2007

Cool Theatre-related Survey

Got this from Johann's website... who knows where it started, but I like it!  (Italics are my own comments.)

1. You’ve said countless times, “I can’t. I have rehearsal.” [x]

2. Anyone who says Macbeth has a death wish. [x]

3. You realize theater is your social life and you don’t have any friends outside of theater. [x]  Kinda sorta... more so now than at any other time.  I do have friends outside of theater, but my theater friends far outnumber everyone else.

4. If you're an actor, tech people become your heroes. [x]

5. You think the Reduced Shakespeare Company is hilarious and understand the jokes while other people watching it are confused. [ ]

6. You want to shoot people who think putting on a production is easy. [x]

7. Stress is a way of life. [x]

8. Cast parties rank right up there with birthday parties. [x]  Sometimes higher.

9. You never realized how much fun you had at rehearsals until you don’t have any more. [x]

10. You’ve been quoted on the Quote Wall. [ ]

11. You can’t seem to memorize your lines, but you know everyone else’s lines verbatim. [ ]  I know EVERYONE'S lines verbatim.

12. You have the urge to be in character in public. [ ]

13. Once the production is over you don't know what to do with your time. [x]

14. You complain about how ugly your costume is. [x]

15. You absolutely love your costume and want to steal it from the costume room after the play is over. [x]

16. You think your director is the coolest guy ever. [x]

17. You think your director is an idiot. [x]

18. You love going to see other productions just to compare them to yours. [x]

19. You argue with your director about which play to do next. [ ]

20. You go see other productions and cringe when you see people that can’t act. [x]

21. Homework? Never heard of it. [ ]

22. You could easily set up a cot and live in the theater. You’re there all the time anyway. [ ]

23. You dread the thought of having rehearsal, but the second you get there you don’t want to leave. [x]

24. You meet someone from another theater and instantly become best friends. [ ]

25. You beg all of your friends to come see you in the play when you are only onstage for two minutes. [x]

26. You have lost count on how many times you've died. [x]  Well, almost.

27. You don't think twice about seeing guys in make-up or tights. [x]

28. You're in public and look like you're talking to yourself because you are reciting your monologue. [ ]

29. You are a techie and want to strangle the actors because you have their lines memorized better than they do. [ ]

30. You think Shakespeare was a genius but dread putting on one of his plays. [ ]

31. You know what Hell Week is. [x]

32. If you put on a musical, you randomly sing all the songs at any time of day even if it is a musical you hate. [x]

33. Sleep? What is sleep? [x]

34. Techies and actors don't understand each other, but they pretend that they do. [x]

35. You swear like a sailor. [x]  F*** yes!

36. You've been dubbed a "Stage Nazi" or a "Tech God." [ ]

37. There's more drama backstage than there is onstage. [x]  Applies only to comedies. 

38. Actors and techies argue about who has more work. [ ]

39. You're on your deathbed and miss school, but you somehow manage to go to rehearsal. [ ]

40. You quote lines from previous plays you've done when you have casual conversations with friends. [ ]

41. You suddenly realize that your entire wardrobe is black. [ ]

42. Theater sex. Enough said. [ ]

43. You know what spiking is, and it's not what you do to hair. [ ]

44. You've been working with the same people so long that you have blackmail to last a lifetime. [ ]

45. You've been injured so many times it's a miracle you're still alive. [x]  Sprained ankles, a smashed hand, a coccyx injury, bruises and bumps.

46. Applause after a show is the best sound ever. [x]

47. You have a sigh of relief when you are doing a comedy and you hear the audience laughing. [x]

48. You can't remember what a home cooked meal tastes like, but you can remember every single way Taco Bell makes a taco or burrito. [ ]  Or tasted every Starbucks coffee flavor.  That was my poison.

49. You know you're a theater guy when you can put on makeup better than half the girls in your production. [ ]

50. Modesty is long forgotten. [x]  Naked in theatre isn't the same as naked in the outside world.  I'll make sure I cover up in public, but for backstage quick-changes?  Fuhgetaboutit.

51. You pride yourself in how fast you can strip your clothes off and change costumes. (Or help people strip!) [x]

52. People who aren't in theater just aren't cool. [ ]  They just have to love it as much as I do.


Franco L. said...

Most of it is so true!

dianneLouise ♥ said...

45. You've been injured so many times it's a miracle you're still alive. [x] Sprained ankles, a smashed hand, a coccyx injury, bruises and bumps. ---- OUUCHH!!!

Johann dela Fuente said...

haha! =)

Cara Maybury said...

Nice! I'll give it a go.

tin samson said...

haha cool! this survey has been going up a lot in the blogs of people i know, too -- people from blue rep, woohoo! :D

Chino Hernandez said...

This is nice... :-)

Rico del Rosario said...

Funniest thing I read this whole week!

Li'l Dove Feather said...

You mean there are still stupid people like these?!!! Hey, even a class production, when taken seriously, is NOT easy! People who say this either have not done productions or do their work haphazardly.

"35. You swear like a sailor. [x] F*** yes!"


joahanna a said...

nice. this is really cool and i can relate coz my college theatre company just ended our arabian nights production and we're all basically experiencing post-production blues): permission to copy please?

Lea Salonga said...

To anyone who wants to use this survey on their sites, go ahead! Just make sure you use your own answers, please! No copying of mine!

joahanna a said...

haha. of course. will do! thanks. when it comes to theatre, you make me even more proud to be a filipino. :) merry christmas to you and your family.

Kayla Teodoro said...

I love the costumes! especially the ones in rep. (Philippines). The best are the ones teacher Ariel makes :)) but sometimes they are just SO big :)) [but i love 'em ;))]

XXXX YYYY said...

hi nice bLoq :=)