Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Pregnancy Blog

Eight weeks... that's all I have left.  Eight friggin weeks.

To be honest, I'm now quite tired of being pregnant.   I'm thankfully not physically tired or exhausted; just tired of being pregnant.  I've been in this state of infanticipation for... hmmm... past 7 months now, and it's getting a wee bit old. 

Having said that, I want what's best for my baby, and if that means more time housed inside mommy's warm belly, then that's what must be done.  I'm quite happy though with my genetics in that I haven't gotten swollen, I don't have preeclampsia, my feet don't look like they've been immersed in water for months, my nose hasn't expanded to the extent that it would need its own ZIP code... yeah, I've been very lucky.  Very lucky indeed.

So, in preparation for the coming newborn, Rob and I have been boning up on our baby-related reading.  I also got him a book called "What To Expect When Your Wife's Expanding" (thank heavens that Fully Booked carried it... I took one look at it, and knew I had to get it for him).  We also have The Baby Owner's Manual (oh trust me, if you can get yourself a copy, even if you aren't expecting, grab one... it's way too good).  That will probably be our most valuable (and later on invaluable) piece of infant literature.  I have a breastfeeding guide, written by the La Leche League, which will be my bible as far as getting the baby girl to latch on and suckle.  This is going to be one huuuuuuge adventure, one that I don't think any new parent is ready for, but will go on anyway.

I'm now formally at the stage where my old pre-maternity clothes no longer fit... where I can't wear closed shoes (I have to check my shoe size after I give birth, to see if I did go up a size or not)... where I have to make sure I'm well cooled (even an ice-cold office would be too warm for me)... where the swimming pool is my savior.  I've started also knitting a baby afghan (materials courtesy of a friend that just flew in from the States), and I have less than 8 weeks to finish it.  8 weeks.  In 8-10 weeks, we'll have a bouncing baby girl.  Oh she'll be an active one, if my belly movements are to be believed.

This should be fun.  I can't wait for her to get here.

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