Monday, March 27, 2006

March 27, 2006 - Something Different

No, this isn't an update on my pregnancy thus far... but in case you're wondering, I have only 6 weeks left.  I've been checking baby websites to see what exactly I have to bring to the hospital.  It's a list I'll have to print out and take to heart.  I'll probably start packing a few weeks before my due date, just to play safe.  To my Manila friends, you'll definitely know by text when I'm in labor and getting ready to push this baby out.

I wanted to write a little rulebook by which I want our daughter to live her life.  Not very many people get the chance or opportunity to choose the way they walk this earth, and I want my daughter to have that for herself.  Therefore, I want her mantra to include the following:

- I will not merely go through the motions of my life... I will live life to the fullest
- I will think outside the box
- I will not let anyone say to me "you can't"... nor say the same to myself
- I will love fully with my whole heart, each and every time
- I will not marry until I meet "The One"... the one I will love like no other
- I will not bully another person... and I will stand up for those who are taken advantage of

That's all I have so far... I'll be editing this list as I think of more to add, so watch this blog entry for updates!  Let me know if you have anything to add, I'd love to read your thoughts.

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rojane rimando said...

i read this somewhere and i happen to like it so: "don't let anyone, or anything, take away your peace." you might wanna add it on your mantra list for nic. :)

nyweis, i happened to stumble across your blog just ysterday and now im hooked reading it. :) nice blog! :D

btw, i already met you in person (and i was star-struck, really!), had even watched your play "The Flower Drum Song" in LA (which was sooo great!), and you even drove us to the theater where the play was to be held! :) and yah, we even dined with you. we also got to meet rob that time, when you both were yet unmarried couple. :)

you're surely wondering how in the world it happened and who am i, ryt?!?!? welllll, remember the bayo promo "visit LeA"??? i so happen to be the lucky sister of the lucky one who won that promo! :D awww, that was uber cool!

i never actually had the....guts to talk to you back then. not that we're shy or something, we were just plainly startruck! what happened was just too surreal. for us. imagine, we were in the same car driven by the Lea Salonga herself. and there we were at the backseat listening to her make kwento with the Bayo Pres. and some writer. sobrang grabe tlga ung night na un!!! it was all too surreal we had a hard time taking it all in. wow.

one more thing. i realized that a big personality like you is really tao din pala. that you can go out looking like you just got out of the shower, wet hair slightly disheveled, no make-up and all. and boy, you look so cool! promise!

omg. this comment is taking longer than i had expected. gotta go now. i still have to attend our prayer meeting. and oh, THANK YOU SO MUCH. for making our stay in LA VERY memorable. :D always stay cool. :D

your one great fan,
jing :)

(p.s. at tlgang nag-iwan pa ng link eh noh?!? haha!)