Saturday, March 25, 2006

March 25, 2006 - Pregnancy Blog

In case I haven't mentioned it, I've once again taken up knitting.  I asked a friend to bring home knitting supplies for me so that I could make a baby afghan for the little one, something to keep her warm and secure, something made by my own hand.  When she's wrapped up in it, it's mommy's love and hard work that holds her.  An hour or so ago, I found that I dropped a stitch, and felt the frustration rise inside of me... I then did a little research over the internet for what to do in case that happened.  I took a deep breath, brought out my knitting, fixed the stitch and kept going.  Now it's as good as new, as if nothing bad happened.

Interesting what one can learn by doing a little knitting.  It does seem like an intimidating craft.  At least I thought so when I first gave it a try, but after a little practice, I found it to be easy... calming... meditative.  If I don't let my frustration get the best of me.  It teaches me patience and gives my hands something to do for a quiet time.  I'll definitely teach my little girl how to do this; whether or not it takes is entirely up to her.

Whether or not it takes...

As a young girl I was exposed to dance lessons, the piano, theater... obviously one of these "took" hold of me more than anything and everything else.  As a parent, it's something I'm thinking about: exactly what should I expose her to, to figure out what'll take?  Part of me wants to wait and see what she tends to do: be it an affinity and love for athletics (gymnastics, golf, soccer), the arts (music, dance, drama), the sciences (mathematics, biology, chemistry), language and literature (I see her wearing glasses in her not-so-distant future)... who knows?  I guess the only thing I can do is to expose her to as much as possible, and see what sticks.  She may develop a passion for one thing, and indulge a liking to many different things... or master a few, dabble in more...

I guess I just want her to have the best of what's out there, and for her to grab life by the horns and enjoy it.  Given that she'll be born into an artistic family (composed of more than just my brother and me; there are dancers, actors, singers, visual artists, musicians, chefs) I have a feeling that she'll have an artistic inclination, but it would be really refreshing if she departed from the arts and went into something else.

Who knows?

All I can do is be attuned to her, encourage her, attend to her... try to help her figure out what her unique path in life is, the path God has paved for her.  I was fortunate in that God's hand was very active in steering me towards what I'm doing now, and can only hope and pray that He's just that same way with her. 

Day by day... stitch by stitch... just like knitting a baby afghan.  I'll have to be patient and watchful, to make sure it comes out beautiful.

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