Friday, January 27, 2006

A Sexy Pregnancy

A friend of mine recently asked me what I was doing that I've been able to maintain a sexy pregnancy.

Firstly... WOW! You mean I'm still sexy? My own mother has remarked that my whole body (save for my belly region, obviously) has gotten slimmer. Another friend said I was leaner throughout (her own pregnancy sent her into swellyland... she carried over 20 lbs of water). My doctor asked me to try not to gain too much weight (she's limiting me to 15 lbs; I'm gunning for about 20), as I was overweight when I got pregnant... also, an oversized baby would be difficult to deliver (a 6 pounder isn't any more or less healthy than an 8 pounder; babies grow once they're out of the womb).

Moving on... so, I got to thinking back to my one friend's question: what are you doing to maintain a sexy pregnancy? Let me count the ways... I shall definitely refer to this for my next pregnancy:

1. Don't overeat... and when you do eat, try to keep it healthy.
I've been eating lots of fruits, vegetables, fish and chicken (with the occasional red meat treat every now and again). I do indulge in junk food a bit, and a bit of something sweet, but am otherwise trying to stay healthy with the choices I make. I really should eat like this all the time, pregnant or not.

2. Get some exercise.
Ah, now here's where I am delinquent... I've been really, really lazy with the "get up and go". I know that I should have some physical activity in order to ensure an easy and healthy delivery, especially that there's a swimming pool in my backyard.

3. Laugh... a lot.
During my pregnancy I've surrounded myself with really fantastic, funny, fun people. Lunches, rehearsals, coaching sessions, getting together for whatever.

4. Make love and/or cuddle.
There you go. It soothes... it caresses... it just works.

5. Sing.
Singing has been keeping my abdominal muscles good and strong, which will help me during labor and delivery. I've been advised to keep on singing for as long as I can, so I will!

That's about it... I'll have more once I remember more, but this is what I've been doing regularly. Let's see if it all helps when the big day arrives!

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