Thursday, October 20, 2005

All Things Just Keep Getting Better

Yes, that's the title of the first track from the Queer Eye album. I liked the song so much, I bought the CD.

It seems to be an appropriate title for this blog entry... life is just going quite well. I have nothing to complain about in this world... great marriage, great husband, a child on the way, wonderful friends and family, and a fantastic career. Right now, the only thing I'm praying for is a healthy baby. Everything else is taking second place. Nothing is as important now.

All my plans -- professional and social -- are dependent upon how I feel from day to day. If I'm nauseous one day, then everything gets cancelled. If I'm feeling good, then I'm great to go just about anywhere. The morning sickness hits at random times, which makes it difficult to keep track of. However, having said that, I'm thankful that I don't have weird cravings, excessive tiredness, or extreme mood swings, save for a moment of weepiness at a sentimental moment on TV or film. I can still fit into most of my clothes. In my Ob's words, I'm doing better than most women. Menchu can't believe that I'm actually walking about, as her pregnancy was on the more difficult side.

My little peanut... already changing my life before its arrival in May. Chances are it'll be a Gemini child. I'm surrounded by enough Geminis in my life that I think I'll manage quite well. It's just the two Geminis I dated that screw up my otherwise excellent track record with people of that zodiac sign.

Now it's all about the name game... Rob and I have yet to decide on monickers for the baby... I want a name that no one will make fun of in school or on the playground (I mean, what parent of sound mind would name their child Adolf?), a name that carries strength and character, a name that sounds good with Chien.

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