Monday, September 8, 2008

Wow... amazing what technology can do

RSS feeds ROCK!!!

I've just linked my brand-spanking new Blogger site to Facebook... whatever entries I write there get cross-posted here. Cool... no one will have to try and search long and hard for the new site.

Oh... Xi'an is very beautiful! I'm looking forward to seeing more of the city (in the few free days that I have here). There are some immigration-related errands that I'll have to run (accompanied by my handy dandy interpreter named Ling), and then a visit to the Tang Paradise. According to Ling, that was the home of the emperor of the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD)... there's much to research on in China's incredibly colorful history. Makes me wish I paid far better attention in Asian History class... if I knew then what I'm discovering now...

TIme to bury my face in my Terra Cotta Army book by John Man. It's a very interesting read so far, talking of how the Terra Cotta Warriors were discovered... how they came to be... I'm seeing them on Monday, and I'm going to make sure my camera is fully charged and my memory card empty.

My stomach has been undergoing an "adjustment period" since arriving in China... I haven't quite pinpointed exactly what's causing the slight upset, but I'm thanking my mother's paranoia for making sure I had Imodium in my bag of medicines. Speaking of which, I've got a great supply of meds and other pills to get me through the run: cough meds, cold meds, vitamins, antacids, anti-reflux meds, acetaminophen/paracetamol, antihistamines... plus arnica cream and muscle balm for when my feet and legs are crying for help. I have a list of other supplies as well: Kleenex travel packs (a LOT of them), toilet paper, my favorite shampoo and conditioner, toothpaste, bath soap, facial soap, make-up to last me the entire tour (and most probably beyond... way beyond), medical tape for the backs of my ankles (to prevent blisters), bath towels for when the hotel bathrooms are... well... lacking in towel quality, facial moisturizer and body lotion.

I know that many hotels (regardless of the number of stars attached to them) carry these basic toiletry items, prominently displayed near the bathroom sink. That's not the point. More often than not I've needed to carry my own personal supply because the shampoo does some funky thing to my hair, or the conditioner isn't more effective than plain water. My mother does enjoy collecting the little bottles though, when she likes the product (Crabtree & Evelyn's Le Spa collection is a favorite of hers). I guess she keeps them for her house guests.


So here you go!

To the West Side people, CONGRATULATIONS on a fantastic opening weekend! I've been hearing nothing but raves about your performances. Keep it up!

To the Cinderella people, I'M HERE IN XI'AN!!! I guess I'll see you all on Thursday... or before if a rehearsal/stage adjustment is called.

And that's it for right now... keep in touch and tell me please what's going on with you.


Badabing said...

Hi, Lea! We tracked you down there in China! Thanks to my Fairy Godmother. :)

We were laughing at your videos during the press con when you were able to dodge the microphone and the big bouquet "attacks", when the Prince rescued Cinderella during the microphone fiasco, when you said you can't afford to have your gown wet from the champagne ceremony because it's a Balestra!, and Nicole having listened to the soundtrack 100 times(and singing along with it) while it was only Peter's first. We enjoyed the photos as well!

Aggieness said...

Hi, Ms. Lea! My name is Aggie Manangu, and you might remember me for having PM'd you via Multiply a few days back hoping to get some comments from you for an article on BPI's BPInoy Awards. I heard that Multiply is blocked in China, so I was hoping to find out if there may be another way I can send you the questions I sent via Multiply.

In case you would like to contact me, my email address is

Thank you so much! Glad to know you're enjoying China. :) God bless you and everyone on the tour!

joshiewoshie said...

How is your stomach right now? i hope it you are okay already... well juz for addition poh, Try Taking hydrite 1-2 tablets for a glass of water because imodium and diatabs can usually make your pooh harder causing constipation... and hydrite can fluch the toxins or bacteria out of your body... Hydrite tastes awful but it really helps... Try eating more of vegetables rather than meat or chicken because vegetables are sources of fiber and protein this can help "sweep" out the bacteria or toxins... :D hope this will help you.. :D if your have any medical or wants to ask about medical related issues, you can ask me and i'll try my best to answer it... this is Joshima Laing a 4th year student Nurse... :) take care always.... watch out for what you eat....

Mama Joy said...

hi miss lea. good to know your new blog thru miss girlie. enjoy chinese foods hihihi ^_^