Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sign the Reproductive Health Petition!!!

Sign up everybody! We need reproductive health info and reproductive health resources in place to help curb unwanted pregnancies, STDs, and in general promote a higher standard of living for all Filipinos.

THIS IS OUR FUTURE. Sign now! Please pass this link on... it's about time we have access to this kind of resource in this country, whatever anyone else has to say.


Earnest :-) said...

Thanks, Lea :)

Bob Guerrero said...

Nice to see this catching on!

Btw my friend Anya (who I used to sing with) and her BF Winston approached you after Cinderella that night when I ran into you in Kyla's sister's wake. Wala lang happenstance. :)

Ruffy Biazon said...

Thanks for sharing the advocacy! It's about time people speak up in favor of RH.

Lea Salonga said...

Interesting happenstance... she's a cousin of one of my friends living in New York now, Marnie Arcilla.

Oh yeah, you used to sing! And play a pretty mean guitar too!

Jim Paredes said...


Intellectual dishonesty rules every time thsi issue is addressed from the pulpits.

Soleil NYC said...

Anyone know where I can find what the Bill actually says?

Earnest :-) said...

Please visit this link http://opinion.inquirer.net/inquireropinion/talkofthetown/view/20080803-152296/Reproductive-health-bill-Facts-fallacies
It was written by Rep. Edcel Lagman, the principal author of the RH Bill.

Jamie Marcelo said...

we support this 100 percent!!


Lea one of my Favorite Singer in the Philippines, your topics very,
Interesting of this matter Reproductive Health I will Support it.
I Read it and your right they need help. I Extreme Appreciate,
You're Concerns of this People Lea I appreciate it I Hope it will,

Bob Guerrero said...

I know Marnie. Very cute crazy chick. :-p

I am a retired singer/songwriter/guitarist who will unretire for a night on Tuesday. :-p

Bob Guerrero said...

I guess one of the most important parts about the bill is that it DOES NOT WISH TO LEGALIZE ABORTION. It only wants to make info about ALL methods of safe, modern, family planning available to all Filipino women. I believe that through this process, we will greatly reduce the number of illegal/unsafe abortions that sadly take place in this country.

Kaiser Fernandez said...

Lea. I can't believe if this is really your site. Just want to say I'm a fan. But with regards to the Reproductive Health Bill. I would say NO. (also a 100 percent, for Jamie Marcelo)

Edcel Lagman is missing the point. If poverty is the problem. Experts would say that reproductive health is not top priority. Education and Services tops the list.

If you are saying that the Church meddles in the issue, I can argue even without using the Church and the Bible to back me up.

"Of course the common perception is that population growth causes poverty, so reducing population should also reduce poverty. But the facts do not bear this out. Neither do basic economics.

The idea that population growth causes poverty comes from the ubiquitous zero-sum-game fallacy: the idea that the economy is a pie with only so much to go around. But the economy is not a pie — economies can grow, and population growth can actually help development. A growing population means more labor, which along with land and capital are the main factors of production.

no real correlation between population and poverty. If population were a determinant of poverty, it would be hard to explain places such as Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and the Netherlands. All have high population densities and yet are wealthy. The United Kingdom has about three times the population density of Ghana, and eighty-one times the per capita GDP. There are many causes of poverty, but population is not one of them.

Literally billions of dollars have been spent to reduce populations in developing countries, but have yielded no real economic progress. We know the factors that create economic growth and development: consistent rule of law for all citizens, property rights, sensible regulation, and a culture that encourages and rewards entrepreneurial behavior. These traits have never existed perfectly anywhere on earth, but the degree to which they have been present reflects the degree to which prosperity has been achieved. Conversely, where they remain absent — as in much of the developing world today — poverty and misery are found in their stead.

Sexual morality of contraception and abortion on women view them as moral evils and a violation of their dignity.

We are losings billion and billion of pesos in corruption.If any of personnel in the government are honest,our country has been prosper for long time.
I don’t understand these people,they want to control the Filipino Human race,yet,they allowed foreigners to invade and live in our country." -cocoy826

Bob Guerrero said...

True, a country with a big population can be economically strong also. But that assumes that the country's economy grows enough to absorb the influx of labor. That has not happened at all over the last 30 years. And it is a stretch to assume that that will happen in the near future.

Kaiser Fernandez said...

However, the near future you are talking about should not be stretched further, rather shortened. Why decrease population when what we should be doing is increasing services and education. Improve Productivity. Don't Decrease the Population.

Analyze this. There are 1000 people in the Philippines, 100 of which are productive. That means 10% productivity. If I cut down the population to 10% of 1000 then we now have a population of 100. But the productive population also decreased to 10 which is still 10%. Even if you reduce the population you decide how many times you want, nothing will happen because there’s no increase in productivity. We haven’t maximized/utilized everything in the country then you’re now here asking to reduce the number of hands that can do work. Why?

Sa amin, kapag may bisitang dumating habang kumakain kami at medyo kukulangin ang ulam, DINADAGDAGAN NAMIN ANG PAGKAIN; hindi namin BINABAWASAN ANG KAKAIN (what, you’ll make your guest leave?) population is not a problem if you reason like this without the mainstream bullcrap arguments propagated by CAUCASIAN COUNTRIES WHO ARE RUNNING OUT AND ARE FEARING THEY WILL BE OVERRUN BY US INDIOS. Singapore and Germany (at the least) are now giving incentives to have more children since they are running out.

Bob Guerrero said...

Improving productivity and education are all great ideas. I'm all for that stuff. Who wouldn't be. The Bill isn't saying that population management is a cure-all. It is only saying that it will help prevent poverty.

Decrease the population? Who is talking about decreasing population? What we are talking about is controlling population growth.

Bob Guerrero said...

You make it sound like we are trying to kill off workers. Of course we are not. We are just managing the population so that we don't have a situation in the future where the labor force is so great but the available jobs are so few.

Bob Guerrero said...

Maybe it's just me but I sense some paranoia here that I think is unfounded. I really don't know where you get this idea that eugenics is behind this.

Kaiser Fernandez said...

Of course this was an exaggeration shown by capital letters ok? Who said anything about eugenics? I'm just saying that these developed countries are now having problems reverting the mindset of the female population to have children because of the population control that they implemented years back.

And by checking this,


and following the links on economics and population control (last section), I bet you may well realize that increasing productivity will have no side effects but controlling the natural population growth, the ideal population pyramid, will get disrupted resulting into collapse.

GTG. see ya in a while... :-)

Bob Guerrero said...

Granted, low population growth IS a problem in some countries. But excessive population growth is ALSO a big problem for some countries, including ours.

I don't quite understand your second to the last paragraph.

Have a nice evening. Glad that we are debating this in a civilized manner.

Lea Salonga said...

It's nice to see that here...

disenteako named himself as a fan of mine, and couldn't believe that I'm supporting this bill. As someone who received sex education in Grade 6 (to the extent of learning about my budding biology and all the plumbing that comes with it), someone who was part of a campaign to encourage responsible sexual behavior in teenagers, and as someone knowledgeable about contraceptives from a scientific point of view (pros and cons, different types -- both natural and modern --, success and failure rates, etc.), it makes sense to me on a personal level to support the bill. I don't ask that anyone else agrees with me... you can choose to support it, or campaign against it. That is your right, and your choice. I will not coerce or threaten anyone if my point of view isn't preferred.

Quite honestly, I like seeing a debate where both sides are backed up by rational and logical arguments, and not by "because I said so... because the Catholic Church (or any other church) says so... because Mom, Dad and the next door neighbor say so."

It is true... contraception is already readily available in the market, and easy to get for those who can afford it. However, even with these products present in our pharmacies, the education with which to use them properly isn't always available. Not everyone knows the success and failure rates of these devices (yes, ALL contraceptive devices have a failure rate, with the exception of abstinence which is always 100% effective). Hence my emphasis on education... on a basic, scientific, as well as on a moral (and yes, religious) level. How can allowing someone to know what's going on be bad? How can education and knowledge be bad? How can teaching someone about something, and then allowing that person to make their own choices and decisions about it be a bad thing?

This debate will rage on... my one hope as they continue, both in government and on blogs like this one, is that they are handled in a rational, cool-headed manner. There are facts and figures supporting each side, all of which are valid. At the end of the day however, I'd like to think that each of us, whichever side we're on, can say, "I support/am against the passing of the RH Bill because..." after hearing every point of view and distilling what we know to be true based on our education, our faith and conscience.

(On a side note, our Cinderella cast debates on its own issues, including the upcoming presidential election next month. There are Republicans, and there are Democrats... and the debates can get heated and passionate over the breakfast table, backstage, or wherever they may take place. Everyone's still friends, despite ideological and political beliefs, and we can all work together in happiness and harmony. I presume the same here, that we'll all have differing points of view on a variety of things and debate on them, but that we'll all still have a basic and mutual respect for one another. We're all still fans of one another as people and professionals.)

Bob Guerrero said...

Very well said. Go Obama!! :)

Kaiser Fernandez said...

Back again. My post regarding this. Ms. Lea I'm sorry, a bit off topic... :-) Hehe.


Lea Salonga said...

Disente: be as off topic as you like! Should I maybe create a blog posting dedicated to Obama vs McCain? I would personally be interested in what both Republicans and Democrats that visit me here are thinking. Thanks for the link!

Bob Guerrero said...

This is all I have to say: the Republicans have had the last 8 years. Things have been completely messed up under their watch. It's time to give the Democrats a shot. Go Obama/Biden! :)


BHOBG Personally I don't like OBAMA he is stupid he does not Like President George Bush, Of what is happen in IRAQ I Think America is in danger if OBAMA will win and become, President of America I hope he will Loss.

Lionel Lardizabal said...

This comments are really helping me with my homework right about now..I think lol...hehe tnx lea and company...btw big big fan of your plays and columns!

Urane laderas-cabantog said...

geesh, I was once asked by my professor, that if I would have the power, should I pass the RH bill or not..
I came to a debate with my professor, he's not into the RH bill, But I AM!
as a Nursing student, currently having my duties on hospitals, I can say that Filipinos need such bills like this..
we need education, we need familly planning, NOT FOR ANTILIFE, BUT FOR QUALITY LIFE, as said...

Coverage of RH. (1) Information and access to natural and modern family planning (2) Maternal, infant and child health and nutrition (3) Promotion of breast feeding (4) Prevention of abortion and management of post-abortion complications (5) Adolescent and youth health (6) Prevention and management of reproductive tract infections, HIV/AIDS and STDs (7) Elimination of violence against women (8) Counseling on sexuality and sexual and reproductive health (9) Treatment of breast and reproductive tract cancers (10) Male involvement and participation in RH; (11) Prevention and treatment of infertility and (12) RH education for the youth.

another thing, many has questioned the IDEAL NUMBER OF CHILDREN, as Said, it is IDEAL, not mandatory, not required, it's just that they are thinking that can Parents provide the needs of more than two, in our Low-economic rate now?

what else more? we just need proper education and COMPREHENSION and APPLICATION on this....

Wala namang masama kung gagawin natin ang RH bill diba, it's for the better... gagawa ba naman sila ng BILL na for worse and not for the better??

that's what I remembered when having a debate on my professor...

(For Obama vs. McCain, Filipinos are just thinking that we need the changes Obama wants, and thinking that lot of economic status of the Filipino can be dependent on the US president, ayt?)

km ramos said...

i wish more people could just see this petition as it is: an expression of what is humane and what is desirable for the citizens of a country.

Michelle S. said...

Okay THIS i ah-gree with... I`m only 15 years old, and I know that my school may have a big influence on me, but among my classmates, I was one of the those who read and studied the bill thouroughly. And I understand those who think that it WOULD be a good idea to pass this bill on.. But don't you see? This bill will lead to abortion and usage of contraceptives... And that will send the message to "the youth" that it is OKAY to... you know...

Our school told us to write letters to the congress and I chose those who are married because I know that they wouldn't want they're children to be under this law if we explain to them what will be the future. Lea, if this bill is passed, and if your child was a citizen of the philippines, would you want her to be... you know...

And I happen to know that there are a LOT of couples out there who DON'T want children.. Do you want to have grand children or not?? Do you want our country's population to be:

senior citizens (or retired age): 60%
adults (working): 30%
young people (studying): 10%

I know that's a little bit exaggerated, but I believe that will become it's output..

If we DONT pass this bill on, we'll have a chance in becoming one of the successful countries... In time though...

But that's MY opinion... I know all of you have yours... And I respect your say... I mean with a small voice [yeah, who am I anyway?] I don't think anyone will hear me anyways, so... Yeah, whatever...


Best Wishes ;)
-Katherine Michelle Sarrosa

P.S. I loved your new album! :P [Yes, I too am a BIG BIG BIG fan]

P.P.S. I haven't heard anything from the bill... Is it passed??

P.P.P.S. Did I say that I was a BIG fan?? :))

Bob Guerrero said...

theshoefits - I hope as you get older and learn more about the world you will realize that this bill will help people live more fuller and productive lives and ultimately lift them out of poverty.

This Bill does not promote abortion it only wants people to understand their sexuality better and make more informed long-term choices about their reproductive health. I firmly believe that this bill will reduce the number of unwanted pregancies, resulting fewer abortions.

Right now the Philippines is far from being an old, graying society like Japan. We have plenty of young people. But we should make sure that individual Filipino families have only the number of children they can comfortably support sustainably.

I hope you keep an open mind about this issue and continue to listen to both sides. :)

Lea Salonga said...

According to the bill, abortion will remain a criminal act under the law, so it's misleading to say that passing the RH Bill would lead to the legalization of abortion.

Michelle S. said...

Yes, It would be kind of misleading.. You know, I actually like the idea of family planning and the education and a lot of other things the bill wants to pass [bhobg], but I`m just concerned with all the other people who can and will find loop holes in these future laws. Right now, I just want people to live good and virtuous lives...

Love, Michelle

Rick Holy said...

Re: Smear offensive - Rep. Edcel C. Lagman
"... The bill is not antilife. It is proquality life. It will ensure that children will be blessings for their parents since their births are planned and wanted."

I am "new" to the conversation taking place on this blog. It has been interesting to read the exchange taking place and the differing opinions expressed - all done in a respectful and civilized way.

I wanted to add a comment, however, in reference to the statement above from Rep. Lagman. He (or she - I'm not sure since I don't know the person) states that, "it (the bill) will ensure that children will be blessings for their parents since their births are planned and wanted."

Does Rep. Lagman REALLY BELIEVE that children from ONLY "planned/wanted" pregnancies are blessings to their parents? His/her statement seems to imply that - and that's disturbing.

If the conception of Rep. Lagman was "unplanned and unwanted,' then following his/her logic, he/she was not a blessing to his/her parents. And since a good number of us - even some of us commenting on this blog - were probably "unplanned," I guess we weren't blessings for our parents either - but fortunately our mothers and fathers saw that what "wasn't planned" could STILL be a blessing.

You can say that I'm picking at nits - but I'm trying to make a point. You can say that the bill doesn't promote or legalize abortion. That is good. But it is the kind of mindset expressed by Rep. Lagman that only "planned/wanted children" are blessings that leads you down that slippery slope to the NEXT bill that WILL legalize abortion.

If you think I don't know what I'm talking about, just look at the example here in the U.S. We actually had to DEBATE what is called "partial birth" abortion. (I won't describe it because I'm going to assume you all know what it involves). That's how far we've come in 40 years. From allowing abortion because "it's only a blob of tissue," to actually having to debate whether or not we should allow the horror of partial birth abortion. I pray that whatever happens in your country regarding this bill, you don't wind up sliding down the same slippery slope that we have here in the U.S.

I've gone on too long, but I wanted to add one more thing. When it comes to the issue of family planning I wish that men would act like men and not put all the "burden" on women. If' I'm really a man, do I want my wife putting chemicals in her body that mess with her body chemistry and which DO have documented, negative side effects? If I'm really a man, do I want my wife inserting devices into her body which can damage her reproductive system? NO - not if I'm really a man. It's time that men - and I don't care which country your talking about - step up to the plate regarding this issue and start acting like men.

P.S. My "Lea Salonga Live" DVD just arrived today! Can't wait to watch it this evening. I am SO EXCITED that I will be able to see you perform live in Indiana in September. I never thought I would have the opportunity to see you perform live, and now I will !! I thought the concert DVDS, CDS, and YouTube clips were as close as I would get - but now I'll be REALLY close - FRONT ROW!! I am sooooooo psyched. September can't get here soon enough!!

God bless you Lea - and all of you who are so thoughtfully discussing/debating this most important issue. Peace!

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Michelle S. said...

I understand everyone's stand on the bill. I get those who say it's pro life and I get those who say its anti life.

Pro life: for those who are older and married, I get why this bill would be very convenient. During a marriage, a planned life for the children would be awesome.

Anti life: but for us teenagers, if condoms are just readily available, we'd be curious about the sexual act and by the age of 13 (or even less), kids would already be having sex. Whether the adults like it or not, this will happen.

So, having said that... now what?

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doy hoy said...

sharing my thoughts =)http://soyaoj.multiply.com/journal/item/65/re_Reproductive_Health_Bill

Efos Gorgeous said...

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Eugene Libres said...

This RH-bill can be a practical option to at least, curb the rate of unwanted pregnancies which can cause economic upheavals in our society. By doing so, educated families can have greater chances of planning for their future and becoming useful citizens.

On the contrary, I am just afraid that reducing the population through this "PRACTICAL" alternative may heighten the promiscuity of young people since safety and practicality are all at stake. This may lead to immorality and indecency. (this is what our old folks are concerned the most :~)

Weighing down, we have to choose a practical life or downtrodden economy. Underneath it all, our government's main TAG: corruption and extortion should be eliminated first before this debate goes uncontrollably.