Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I'm thankful for...

- a little girl's smile

- a great family

- work that I love

- unexpected phone calls that make me smile

- being alive right now

- answered prayers

- healing hands

- clarity... and perspective

- closure

- technology

- relatively good health

- water

- the wonders of modern medicine

- friends

- laughter

- a kick in the rear that was overdue and necessary

- love

- opportunity

- rain

- home


carlito hermoso said...

"a kick in the rear that was overdue and necessary"

I wonder what that was..anyway, I got so excited when I read in a b'way blurb that a Leah would be Eponine in that Les Miz concert in H'wood Bowl in Aug. But she turned out to be Leah Michelle from Spring Awakening. That was a downer. We would really like to see you in that Les Miz concert at H'wood Bowl in Aug. That would make millions of your West Coast fans really really happy!! any possibility of that happening?


Hehehe! Who did this to you?

Lea Salonga said...

Hehehehe, dance class. It had been 2 years since my ass was in class... and I'm feeling the pain of the consequences right now.

Lea Salonga said...

Yes indeed it'll be Lea Michelle playing Eponine, and Melora Hardin playing Fantine. I was asked to be part of the production, but because of the Cinderella Asian tour I had to unfortunately decline.

Ronald Manaron said...

I prayed for gratitude, so here is my chance to express it. Among many things, I am thankful for being alive, having relatively good health, having a roof over my head, being employed, being in speaking terms with all my relatives, and for living in a peaceful neighborhood.

I am also very grateful to Lea for being kind enough to allow me to post my opinions here!

Michelle S said...

ditto =)

carlito hermoso said...

darn!...oh, well, guess we'll have to wait a little longer to see and hear you again here in CA. I'd probably still watch it bec. I love Le Miz, but will be imagining you as Eponine and Fantine and thinking how much the audience missed out on bec. of your abscence. Any engagement in the West Coast in the foreseeable future? Any possibility Cinderella will make it to the US? Take care.

Jojo Terencio said...

indeed, with gratefulness comes more blessings! God bless you more, Lea :)

carlito hermoso said...

Just found out from that Richard Jay-Alexander is directing that H'wood Bowl gig. Wasn't he your director at Carnegie Hall? Brian Stokes-Mitchell and Aaron Lazar are also in the cast! Now, I'm definitely going and really bummed out you will not be there. You were hilarious with Brian in Spelling Bee and Aaron was an awesome Enjolras in Les Miz. would have be heaven if you can join them for this. Darn...darn.. triple darn!! Interesting choice... Rosie O'Donnell as Mme. Thenardier. Can't wait to see what she'll do with the role. What do you think?

Mia BellaMare said...

Melora Hardin... as in Jan from The Office? She's hilarious on the show!.. I didn't know she's a theatre actress as well...

ღ Ch18e ¹⁸ said...

these are some of the things that make you happy, right Lea?? I have my own list too! :)

rj gozon said...

yeah, there's a lot of blessings to be thankful for given by God.. those things doesn't necessarily be that grand; most of the time it's the simple yet meaningful things or happenings in life that we treasure in our hearts and the ones that really matter..