Wednesday, September 14, 2005

World of Warcraft

My insomnia shall definitely return.

I just purchased for myself WORLD OF WARCRAFT, an online computer game that my husband and a few of his friends are currently obsessed with. I had to buy a copy for myself because (and this is the part I detest) my husband used the unlock code in his software box, and unfortunately, Blizzard Software does not sell standalone codes for situations like ours. Shet.

The trouble with me and a computer game is this: absolutely no one and nothing no longer exists once I start. The same applies when I start a PS2 or Xbox game, I have to devote at least 4 hours to the task of playing the game until I reach the end. Now here's where Warcraft differs from the other games I've played: there is NO real ending (according to Rob) and there are 60 levels to reach (he's been playing for months, and is only at Level 18). I know what this will mean: my social life and everyone in it will all but disappear.

I have to remind myself to schedule my playing time accordingly... must remember that I do have friends -- human, breathing friends -- who much not be neglected in the course of my gaming. If anything, Rob and I will get to quest together. He's confident that I will overtake him and become more than just proficient at playing the game.

I just want it to be fun... if millions of gamers are online playing this, then it must be. Rob likens it to Final Fantasy, but longer and better.

We'll see. In the meantime, I'll let the game sit in its warm little cardboard box until I'm ready to enlist.


Noel Santos said...

WOW... Lea's a gamer.... you know how many people are surprised and so excited about this.. you never know who you may be playing with on the net. It could be Lea, Rob, or even other celebs... hope you post your experience on World of Warcraft here Lea. I know alot of people would like to read about it.

Michelle S said...

Ate Lea, hubby & I were so impressed about this side of you...hehehe...well, Sean had been hooked from this game since April of this year, siyet! there goes our sex life..bwahahahaha!

Marianne R said...

lol embrace the "wow" love, if you cant beat them, you may as well join them =D

jennifer illustre said...

Jesus Christ! you're actually interested in WARCRAFT? whoa! galing ha! cool! gulat ako! hahaha!

super zero said...

AS OF TODAY, do you still play WOW?? :D I'm curious!

J. Paula Bringas said...

if wow is overused let me use awesome!you play war craft too?!That's quite surprising i must say!haha!everytime i play that(or star craft),i never fail to use cheat codes!haha!!!nice one ms lea,its nice to know u play Dota.