Monday, August 29, 2005

Thought Bubbles

Various random thought bubbles that popped in my mind (I will not provide explanations, so don't ask me for any!):

"Why can't they do this in Manila?"

"Just when I thought I had all the answers, life changes the questions."

"Why couldn't that putang shet clear his schedule???"

"Okay, next time, DRINK before EATING that pata!"

"Shet, no vocal guide, and my reading sucks."


"...I WILL find you..."


"I need coffee, NOW!"

"Please, New York, CALL ME!!!"

"Can't wait for my new kitchen to get done..."

"I hope it doesn't rain next time..."

"I hope it rains next time..."


XXXX YYYY said...

So I guess they called you. Congratulations...

XXXX YYYY said...

So, I guess they called you. :) Maybe if I post what I want, it'll happen...
"Please, 10 pounds, just get lost"...
Congratulation, Ms. Salonga. You deserve it.

XXXX YYYY said...

Yes, I know, an "s" goes there...oopsie.