Sunday, July 17, 2005

Blame it on 'Day!!!

Haaaaaaaaaay... I saw this last entry in another blog ('Day, I blame this one on you!!!), and felt compelled to fill it in, too! You might be surprised by the answers!

Last cigarette: Not that long ago, I'm afraid... was stressing out over a few things, so I had a smoke. Doesn't happen often, and never when I'm working. I still wonder how there are people that smoke regularly and still churn out fantastic performances.

Last car ride: Last night, driving from a restaurant called Mastro's in Beverly Hills. I was kept company by wonderful texts from my good friends in Meralco.

Last good cry: Listening to WICKED in my car... singing along... and then feeling the tears well up. I must have looked like an idiot on the freeway!

Last Library book checked out: Library? What's a library? I kid, I kid! Seriously, it must have been something I checked out for school in either Fordham or Ateneo. A long, long time ago.

Last movie seen: Batman Begins. Oye! I loved this backstory far more than the other Batman films. Christian Bale shirtless is HOT. I gasped. Thank goodness I have an understanding husband.

Last book read: In progress: One Hundred Years of Solitude. Completed: the entire Griffin & Sabine series. Well, Parts 4-6 anyway... I heard there are more.

Last food consumed: our Mastro's leftovers. Yummy!

Last crush: Jett Pangan (after seeing his transformation in BATB, I was hooked and screaming)... Brad Pitt... Piolo Pascual (another hot man when not wearing a shirt!)... Ewan McGregor (in Moulin Rouge!)

Last phone call: with Bobby, Karel and KC.

Last TV show watched: British Open golf. Tiger Woods is leading, but there's a whole leaderboard at his heels. It should make for an interesting final round tomorrow.

Last time showered: 1 AM, after getting home.

Last shoes worn: my favorite Dansko clogs.

Last CD played: Daniel Rodriguez (I sing on two songs for his newest album), Wicked (on the iPod)

Last item bought: Gas. I ran out last night.

Last downloaded: Photos from Bobby!

Last annoyance: Yesterday's rehearsals... call time 4 PM... actual rehearsal time 9 PM. Thank goodness for good company that kept me entertained for many hours. Oh, and Piolo shirtless.

Last disappointment: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! Hearing about friend's disappointments with rehearsal times and lack of respect for them.

Last soda drank: Diet Coke.

Last thing written: This!!!

Last key used: Car keys

Last words spoken: "I'll talk to you tomorrow! I miss you!" -- to Bobby

Last sleep: Last night, after some Sudafed.

Last IM: with 'Day and Bobby, on different IM clients! I was multitasking!

Last sexual fantasy: I'm keeping this one to myself... but it involves creative uses for fruit and plenty of tongue. Figure it out!!!

Last weird encounter: Nothing strikes me as weird anymore... oh wait... trying to avoid a certain former friend... I was desperate to get into Chari's room that evening!

Last ice cream eaten: Two days ago... vanilla, after a sumptuous Japanese noodle meal.

Last time amused: Yesterday at rehearsals, hearing Zsa Zsa Padilla ask for her camera.

Last time wanting to die: I don't remember, and I probably wouldn't want to.

Last time in love: NOW!!! I still am, oye!

Last time hugged: This morning... got a nice long one.

Last chair sat in: Dining room chair... like, right now!

Last time you went dancing: A long, long time ago, with friends and family. Was it Hawaii? Okay troops, we gotta go dancing again!!! And soon!

Last web page visited: 'Day's blog.

Last fruity photo taken: Yesterday, with Zsa Zsa, Piolo and Amir. I must remind myself to get a copy.

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Jessica Fong said...

Wow, you know Zsa Zsa Padilla! OK, well, not surprising, considering. You know, I actually found out about her through you - I heard your movie medley from Songs from the Screen and got addicted to the songs, although I couldn't understand a word (I'm Chinese). Did some research, caught myself singing Kahit Na (no doubt with an awful accent) to myself the next day. My parents think I'm crazy :D